NIH Common Data Elements

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The NIH Common Data Elements (CDEs) are a set of study questions used in all R01-level research projects consenting individual participants at the Multiple Chronic Diseases Disparities Research Consortium (MCD-DRC). The CDEs are standardized to ensure consistency in how data are collected and analyzed across all populations and communities in the US. De-identified data are being transferred and housed at the Research Coordinating Center and will be made available for researchers to use, subject to Data Use Agreements.

The CDEs were developed with input from the Common Data Elements & Data Harmonization Working Group, which meets monthly to review, recommend, and discuss CDEs, data harmonization, and data transfer issues for all R01-level Consortium research projects consenting individual participants.

Data Use Agreement (DUA) for De-identified Data Transfer From P50 Recipient Institution to UCSF Research Coordinating Center (RCC)

Informed Consent Form (ICF)

Previous CDE Versions

Below are previous versions of the NIH Multiple Chronic Diseases Disparities Research Consortium (MCD-DRC) Common Data Elements. For the most recent version, please download Common Data Elements (CDE) v1.3 at the top of this page.