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Our Centers are making news. 

PATHFINDER Project Funded

Rutgers-NYU P50 Team Attends Health Equity Conference

Project BRAID Has Launched!

Rutgers-New York University Center for Asian Health Promotion and Equity Call for Pilot Proposals Request for Applications

We Need More Implementation Science To Improve Health Equity in Clinical Preventive Services

Interview with RCC Co-Director Edwin D. Charlebois, MPH, PhD

NIH Collaboration Seeks to Help Understand U.S. Burden of Health Disparities: Why Your County Matters

San Francisco, San Mateo Co. Residents Urged to Share Long COVID Stories

Dr. Kim Rhoads on Oakland Calling Racism a Public Health Crisis

The Morning: Covid and Race

New Collaborative to Address Chronic Disease Disparities in Southeast US

How racism hurts the heart

Newly Funded New York City Center Aims to Reduce Health Disparities in Chronic Disease

Newly Funded New York City Center Aims to Reduce Health Disparities in Multiple Chronic Diseases

NIH Grant to Address Chronic Diseases That Affect Populations with Health Disparities

UCLA and UCI create novel center that addresses cardiovascular disease among LAC and OC minority communities

UAMS Receives $18.9 Million NIH Award to Address Health Disparities

Rush, UChicago Forming Health Equity Research Network

New research center to address effects of racism on heart health

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Awarded $24.5 Million to Establish a Center Addressing Chronic Health Disparities in Latino/a/x Children and Families