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The HEAN Intranet is a platform for consortium members to easily access important files and information. You may view or download meeting minutes, recordings, slides, upcoming meetings, and resources. Planned features include a resource library, data dashboards, member directory and search, and more. 

You must be logged in to view the intranet. For any issues logging in, please contact us. If you'd like to help us improve the intranet, please provide your feedback here.

Where to find specific meetings and resources:
     • Community Engagement (NCAB, Evaluation Metrics Subcommittee, CE Working Group)
     • Investigator Skills Development Unit Webinars (ISDU Webinars, ISD Working Group)
     • Organization & Management (Steering Committee, NOSI Competitive Revision Webinar)
     • Research Coordination & Data Management (CDE+DH Working Group)
     • Project Managers (Project Managers Working Group)