Investigator Skills Development Working Group

Annual Meeting Workshop

The national Investigator Skills Development Working Group (ISD-WG) meets monthly to coordinate and foster collaborative efforts among the P50 Center Investigator Development Cores. Its activities are coordinated by the Research Coordinating Center's ISD Unit.

Key Activities

  • Aid in the development and ongoing support of early-stage investigators
  • Coordinate efforts to establish and maintain diverse skills development opportunities built upon the expertise of the MCD P50 Centers
  • Share best practices for investigator development across P50 Centers
  • Foster cross-P50 Center collaboration
  • Facilitate broad access to research mentors and other resources
  • Address the needs of MCD researchers within various professions and settings


Safwan Badr, MBA, MD
Wayne State University


Kasey Boehmer, MPH, NBC-HWC, PhD
Mayo Clinic
Susan Everson-Rose, PhD, MPH
University of Minnesota
Andrew Busch, PhD, LP
Hennepin Healthcare
Tarissa Host, BA
University of Minnesota


Arshiya Ahmed Baig, MD, MPH
University of Chicago
Melanie Norstrom, PhD
University of Chicago
Brad Appelhans, PhD
Rush University


Bei Wu, PhD
New York University
Lisa Lanza, PhD, MPH, RDN, CLC
Rutgers University
Melissa Simon, MD, MPH
Rutgers University


Daichi Shimbo, MD
Columbia University Health Sciences
Marisol Castellano, MS
Columbia University Health Sciences


Mark Williams
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Mignonne C. Guy, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University


Robert Newton Jr., PhD
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Michael Welsch, PhD
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Michael Mugavero, MHSc, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Clayton Yates, PhD
Tuskegee University


Tanjala Purnell
Johns Hopkins University
Somnath Saha, MD, MPH
Johns Hopkins University


Donna Spruijt-Metz, PhD
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Kayla de la Haye, PhD
University of Southern California
John Elder, MA, MPH, PhD
University of California, San Diego

Southeast Collaborative

David Haas, MD
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
William Scott, PhD
University of Miami


Donna Washington, FACP, MD, MPH
University of California, Los Angeles
Dara Sorkin, PhD
University of California, Irvine


Mandana Khalili, MD
University of California, San Francisco
Edwin Charlebois, PhD, MPH
University of California, San Francisco
Rochelle Blanco
University of California, San Francisco
Amanda Yang, MS, RDN
University of California, San Francisco