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SCORE (Smoking Cessation Outreach for Racial Equity): A Pragmatic Trial of Chronic Disease Approaches to Ameliorate Tobacco Related Cardiovascular Disease Health Disparities

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02/06/2023 - 05/01/2027

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Compared with Whites, Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities in the US experience disproportionate health consequences from tobacco use, particularly commercial cigarettes. Cigarette smoking prevalence rates are higher among certain BIPOC communities. Among people who smoke, those who identify as BIPOC, compared to their White counterparts, experience a greater morbidity and mortality from tobacco-related chronic diseases, especially CVD & RCC. Although there are numerous evidence-based cessation treatments (EBCT) for tobacco cessation, during quit attempts, BIPOC are less likely than Whites to receive and utilize EBCT. Structural and interpersonal racism and discrimination including access to EBCTs may account for their lower utilization among BIPOC patients. Few EBCTs have been specifically developed, rigorously evaluated, or implemented for BIPOC patients.

Specific Aims

  • Conduct a hybrid type 1 implementation-effectiveness RCT to examine the direct effect of AAC+LPO vs. AAC on population-level smoking abstinence at 18 months and treatment utilization among 2,000 BIPOC patients.
  • Examine the moderating effects of structural racism and daily interpersonal discrimination on intervention effectiveness.
  • Use a mixed methods approach to evaluate implementation outcomes of appropriateness, acceptability, and feasibility of AAC and LPO for BIPOC patients.

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Christi Patten, MPI, PhD
Andrew Busch, PhD, LP
Warren McKinney, PhD
Patrick Hammett
Pravesh Sharma, MD
David Nelson
Sandra Japuntich, LP, PhD
Steven Fu, MD, MSCE
Nicole Reinicke
Project Director